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AB WEB Social Media Solutions
With exponential growth and now 1 billion plus users social media is now an essential part of any business marketing plan. AB Web provide the following social media solutions for our customers. e commerce
Digital Strategy.. Digital Analytics..
Grow your business and drive sales with a concise, fully co-ordinated digital strategy.
  • Comprehensive Digital and Social Strategy
  • Mobile Strategy
  • Digital Action Plan
Comprehensive Digital reports tell how you’re doing, how yourcompetitors are doing and what people say.
  • Digital Audit
  • Competitor Reports
  • Digital Monitoring and Listening
Digital Training.. Digital Studio..
We teach you how to master and utilize Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, andBlogs using the latest digital techniques.
  • Corporate Workshops
  • Personal training
  • Guest Speaking at Events
We create attractive, shareable digital content specifically for your target audience.
  • Facebook, Mobile and Web apps
  • Digital Video
  • Website/Blog Development
So why is social media marketing important to your business?...
Before we answer this, lets throw some statistics out there!
  • Around 98% of adults aged between 18-24 use at least one social media site
  • Over 56% of the entire world’s population are now using social media channels regularly
  • 1.2 billion people are using Facebook with 22% logging in more than 10 times a day.
  • Everyday 190 million tweets are sent using Twitter.
These astounding statistics show the phenomenal growth of social media and what’s more… it keeps on growing. So much so in fact that it’s now the primary channel of communication for an increasing percentage of the population across all demographics.
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The Importance Of Social Media Marketing In Your Overall Marketing Strategy...
It is fair to say that any company that doesn’t employ social media marketing methods in this day and age is simply missing out on a powerful strategy that could potentially bring your business a myriad of targeted customers. To put this into perspective, Facebook users at present number over 900 million. If the rate of growth continues like it has, then this figure is set to reach the magic billion mark by the end of 2012. Likewise Twitter has recently (March 2012) stated that they now have 500 million users. To put it simply that’s 1.5 billion users, some of whom could potentially be customers for your business. For this reason social marketing is a must.
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Expolsive Growth...
The growth of social media is nothing but extraordinary and in a little over 8 years Facebook has gone from a small website set up by 4 Harvard students, to the most frequently used website on the planet. In parallel, Twitter has grown from a means of communication for employees working within a pod-casting company back in 2006, to generating over 50 million tweets every single day in 2012. Just recently, social media made big news when it surpassed email in terms of thenumber one online activity.
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Be seen, be heard...
Being able to get your message out there in front of millions of users is vital to your business success and this is where a highly skilled team of experienced marketers come in. Experts in Social Media Marketing have been helping local businesses drive targeted traffic to their websites. In Ireland there are around 2 million social media users and if they already know about your business and are happy with the service, they are going to communicate this point to their friends. When you consider that the average person on Facebook has 137 friends, that’s a lot of potential customers that can be reached in a very short space of time.
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So what does this mean for you?...
Irrespective of what industry or business you’re in, you can be sure that your potential customers will be engaging in social media channels. As such, there’s a growing expectation that your products and services will be available to them on their social media channel of choice. For those businesses who haven’t yet embraced social media marketing then there’s every chance that they’re missing out on huge potential. In addition, there’s a growing recognised link between social media marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO). In fact evidence suggests that to be really effective, businesses must embrace social media.
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So how can we help?...
Here at AB Web Online Marketing we work closely with your team to understand exactly how your target market is engaging with social media. Based on this, we can provide you with tailor made social media marketing strategies that are absolutely right for your business. In addition we help you to… Understand the resources that are available to you Track your success using key social media measurements and metrics Realise the best social media channels that will give you your greatest return Develop an implementation plan that’s specific to your needs. There’s never been a better time to harness the power of social media marketing as there is now. So don’t be one step behind your competition! Instead call us today for an initial chat to see just how we can help you. Our team are standing by to take your call.
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